Module 1:  Academic Basics

Components of Gen Ed

Review all these components of General Education in more detail.

  • 3 hours of First Year Seminar (1 class)

  • 6 hours of writing classes (1 taken in your first year and 1 taken in your second year)

  • 4 hours of Quantitative Literacy (or math)

  • 2 hours of Wellness Literacy or PE classes

  • 8 hours in a Science Inquiry area

  • 9 hours in the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) (3 classes)

  • 12 hours in the Liberal Studies Experience (LSE) (4 classes)

First Year Seminar
Writing or Rhetoric & Composition
Wellness Literacy
Quantitative Literacy
Science Inquiry
Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)
& Liberal Studies Experience (LSE)