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Module 3:  Directed Self-Placement

Complete the Self Inventory Here!


As an Appalachian State University student, you will start your college-level writing career by earning credit for first-year writing. You will also enroll in and complete a writing course each year of your undergraduate work, progressing through the University’s Vertical  Writing Curriculum with each course.

First-year writing is an important foundational course for being a successful student at Appalachian. Your first two years of writing courses are a part of the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Program, within the Department of English. Students receive a solid foundation in academic writing and in writing across the curriculum; the remaining two years of writing instruction are based in each student’s program of study. Those final two years focus on students’ majors, where they learn the types of writing that are valued in their chosen disciplines.

As you navigate the choices available to you for completing RC 1000, it is important to keep in mind how you will be required to adapt to academic writing in a college setting. Writing is not a simple process; it requires critical thinking and thoughtful responses to different rhetorical situations.

If you took the AP test for English Language & Composition or the IB exam, you may already have credit for RC 1000. Please check here to see if the score you earned qualifies you for this credit.

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