Module 5: When can I register?

ERA Quiz

Congratulations! You have almost completed the course...  

Now, you need to take the ERA quiz below so you can begin registering for classes. 


You will need to log into the quiz below with your Appalachian username and password.  Then you will need to click on "Enroll Me" to self-enroll in the course.  

Read this before you take the quiz:


  • You have limited attempts on this quiz. Complete the entire course before attempting the ERA Quiz.

  • When you take and pass the quiz you will be e-mailed a registration PIN (Personal Identification Number) to your Appalachian email account.   It may take 10 to 15 minutes to receive your PIN so be patient.  Write down your PIN, as you will use it to register for classes! (NOTE: If you have not already registered for Orientation, you will not receive your PIN, so register for your Orientation session NOW.)

  • Once you receive your PIN, you can begin registering for classes on April 27, 2021 at noon.

  • When you are ready to begin registering for classes, review Module 4 to help you get started.  

  • You must begin registering for classes before your Orientation session date.  By doing this, you will be prepared to ask questions and meet with your advisor at Orientation. Do not be afraid to make mistakes!  Pull together a 12-16 credit hour schedule before you come to Orientation!   We will work with you during Orientation to adjust and finalize your schedule. If you are struggling, email us at and we will connect you with an academic advisor to help you.