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Module 2:  Programs of Study

Classes to take in your intended major

You may already know your major, and if so, you will follow your major Program of Study found at

  • Click on the Undergraduate Bulletin that corresponds with your catalog year. In most cases, your catalog year is the academic year in which you started at Appalachian.

  • Once you have opened your Undergraduate Bulletin, click on Programs of Study to find the requirements for your major.


If you are unsure about a major, explore several different Programs of Study.  If you are really unsure of your major, you may want to focus your first semester classes on General Education.

2022 Bulletin Image.PNG.png

What is a Course Prefix?


On your Program of Study, every course has a Course Prefix and a Course Number.  For example, ACC 2100 is the Course Prefix and Course Number for "Principles of Accounting."  Go to for a complete list.   

What is a prerequisite?


On your Program of Study, you may see that a course has a prerequisite.  A prerequisite or "prereq" is a class that is required before advancing to the next class level. For example, you cannot take RC 2001 if you have not had the prerequisite course - RC 1000.

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