Module 2:  Programs of Study

Classes to take in your intended major

You may already know your major, and if so, you will follow your major Program of Study found at

  • Click on the Undergraduate Bulletin that corresponds with your catalog year. In most cases, your catalog year is the academic year in which you started at Appalachian.

  • Once you have opened your Undergraduate Bulletin, click on Programs of Study to find the requirements for your major.


If you are unsure about a major, explore several different Programs of Study.  If you are really unsure of your major, you may want to focus your first semester classes on General Education.

Bulletin 2021.JPG

What is a Course Prefix?


On your Program of Study, every course has a Course Prefix and a Course Number.  For example, ACC 2100 is the Course Prefix and Course Number for "Principles of Accounting."  Go to for a complete list.   

What is a prerequisite?


On your Program of Study, you may see that a course has a prerequisite.  A prerequisite or "prereq" is a class that is required before advancing to the next class level. For example, you cannot take RC 2001 if you have not had the prerequisite course - RC 1000.