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Module 4:  Registering for Classes

Choosing your Classes

First Year Students:

Use these Registration Worksheets!

First-year students who have little to no transfer credits, should use our registration worksheets to help you choose your first-semester classes.   

Transfer Students:

Use DegreeWorks!

Transfer or first-year students who have transfer credits, should use DegreeWorks to determine which classes you already have credit for and which you should take in your first-semester.   

Other Resources for Choosing Classes 
  • Four Year Guides.   Four year guides are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for your major.  They are really helpful in deciding what to take your first-semester, but remember, they are just suggested course sequencing.  If you are transferring lots of hours to Appalachian, you will definitely need to modify your Four Year Guide.  ​Transfer students and first-year students with lots of transfer credit may need to look at a much later semester for guidance.​

  • Programs of Study   Every major at Appalachian has a Program of Study with all required coursework.  

  • If you are undecided about your major, stick with Gen Ed classes for your first-semester (unless you have completed your Gen Ed requirements through transfer credits). If you are a first-year student and need RC 1000 and First Year Seminar (UCO 1200), plan to take one of these in your first semester and save the other for your second semester.  

  • Remember to plan for about 4-6 classes in your first-semester or 15-16 hours.  This will keep you efficiently on track towards graduation.

Are you in a specific population? Click here.
Some students are in special topic classes if they are in a specific population, such as Honors Students, Music Majors, Nursing Majors and Student Support Services (SSS).
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