Module 4:  Registering for Classes

Picking your Classes

  • If you have an intended major, use your major Program of Study and Four Year Guide to start selecting classes.  If you have little to no transfer credit, you can use our Registration Worksheets as well.  Remember to choose classes that don't require prerequisites unless you already have credit for those prerequisites.

  • Refer to your major Four Year Guide. If you cannot get into recommended first semester classes, take a look at adding a course recommendation from semester two.  Transfer students and first-year students with lots of transfer credit may need to look at a much later semester for guidance.

  • If you are undecided about your major, stick with Gen Ed classes for your first semester (unless you have completed your Gen Ed requirements through transfer credits). If you are a first-year student and need RC 1000 and First Year Seminar, plan to take one of these in your first semester and save the other for your second semester.  

  • Remember to also choose classes that will double count towards your major requirements and Gen Ed requirements.  Ask your advisor at Orientation to review your schedule for this, just in case you overlooked something.

What is a

Four Year Guide?

Four year guides are recommended semester-by-semester plans of study for your major.  They are really helpful in deciding what to take your first semester, but remember, they are just suggested course sequencing.  

If you are transferring lots of hours to Appalachian, you will definitely need to modify your Four Year Guide.  

Registration Worksheets

If you have little to no transfer credits, use these registration worksheets to choose your first semester classes.   

Need help planning your classes? 

Download this chart. Use the template to make notes of the classes you want to add. You should add 15-16 hours (or 4 - 6 classes). Make note of one or two back up classes in case you can't get into your first-choice classes.  

Are you in a specific population? Click here.
Some students are in special topic classes if they are in a specific population, such as Honors Students, and Student Support Services (SSS).

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