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Module 3:  Placement Exams

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*Math Placement


Appalachian's General Education requirements include a quantitative literacy course (or math).  Your major may also require a specific math or statistics course. Check your major program of study for your math requirement:


If you are unsure of your major, you should talk to an advisor and wait to take your math course.

If you scored less than 550 on your SAT Math test or less than 22 on your ACT Math test, you will need to take the Math Placement Test. 


Click here to take this placement test.

*Calculus Readiness Test

Regardless of your SAT or ACT Math score, you must take this test if you are planning to major in actuarial science, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, fermentation sciences, geology, mathematics, middle grades education (math concentration), or physics unless you have credit for MAT 1110: Calculus.  You are allowed to take this test only ONCE.  

Click here to take this placement test.

*Use this Math Guide to help you determine your math placement once you complete these tests.  

Language Placement


Some majors have a foreign language requirement and others do not.  Check your major program of study to determine if you are going to need a foreign language:  

If your major requires foreign language coursework, you may need to take an online language placement test. 


Click here to take an online language placement test.


(Rhetoric & Composition)

There are three options for completing the first-year writing requirement (RC 1000) at Appalachian State. We believe that you know best which option is most appropriate for you, and for college writing courses, this is known as “directed self-placement.” The Directed Self-Placement system offers the following choices:


  • Enroll and complete RC 1000 in your first year 

  • Enroll and complete RC 1000 plus RC 2000, a co-requisite writing course to support students who feel underprepared for college-level writing

  • Place out of RC 1000 by passing the Challenge Essay (for students who are experienced writers)

Begin your Directed Self-Placement Process Now!

Chemistry Placement

The purpose of this exam is to determine placement in college-level general chemistry. This is NOT a chemistry test, however. This is a math test that assesses your ability to do basic algebra, rearrange equations, and solve word problems. There are 20 questions and you’ll need a non-programmable calculator.  

Reminder- You only need to take this exam if you need chemistry for your major/minor AND:

  • Your SAT-Math is score is less than 550; or

  • Your ACT-Math score is less than 22;

  • You do not have credit for MAT 1020 or higher.

Begin your Chemistry Placement Exam.

Advanced Placement (AP) credits?

Language or Calculus AP credits may impact whether you need to take a placement exam.  Determine the class credit you can expect based on your AP scores.

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