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Module 4:  Registering for Classes

Using AppalNet to Add Classes

By now, you should have several classes you are thinking about adding to your first semester schedule.

Click on the videos below to learn how to log into AppalNet Self Service to Add, Drop or Waitlist a class.   

How To: Add a Class

To add or drop a class, you should be logged into AppalNet Self Service.  Select the Student Tab, then Registration, then Add/Drop Classes.   

How To: Add a Class with a Lab

This video highlights how to add a class with a lab or co-requisite. You must add both courses to your worksheet and register for them together. 

Section Number
Did you know there are 50-70 sections of RC 1000 offered each semester?  
When searching for a class, you will see the CRN first, then the subject, course, and section number.  Make sure to read the notes under each section; some sections are reserved for specific populations of students.

App State Online students will need to look for sections in the 300s and for a course note that indicates the course is for App State Online students only.



Course Registration Number

Each section of a class has a unique 5-digit CRN number. When you are adding classes to your schedule, you will enter the CRN in the appropriate field and submit your request.  

Don't forget Course Prefixes!

Remember. course prefixes are not always obvious.  For example, UCO 1200 is the Course Prefix and Course Number for "First Year Seminar."  Go to for a complete list.   

How To: Drop a Class

To add or drop a class, you should be logged into AppalNet Self Service. Select the Student Tab, then Registration.   

How To: Waitlist a Class

This video will highlight how to add yourself to a waitlist, however, not all classes offer a waitlist option and waitlisting does not guarantee a seat in the course. Learn more about waitlists here.

Tips to Add a Chemistry Lecture/Lab Combination!

  1. Chemistry labs (CHE 1110 and CHE 1120) utilize Reserved Seating to make sure there are enough seats for all majors requiring chemistry. 

  2. Use the new Chemistry Course Search tool in AppalNet Self Service (Student tab>>Registration link>>Chemistry Course Search) to help you identify which lab sections have open seats for your major.

  3. Learn more about this new tool the CFS Department's How to Guide: Registering for Chemistry Courses (YouTube video) on their Registration Assistance webpage. 

  4. If you can't get a seat after several attempts, email or call 828-262-2167 to talk to an advisor to find out which sections might still have a seat for your intended major.

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