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Module 1:  Academic Basics

General Education at Appalachian

What is General Education (Gen Ed)? 
Gen Ed classes are similar to the "Core" classes you may have taken in high school. For most students, about one-third of the classes taken towards their degrees at Appalachian will be from the Gen Ed program.
​Find Gen Ed Requirements and Course Descriptions:
  • Go to

  • Then click on the Undergraduate Bulletin that corresponds with your catalog year. In most cases, your catalog year is the academic year in which you started at Appalachian (2022-2023).

  • Click on Programs of Study to the left.  General Education Requirements are linked at the top of every Program of Study and at the bottom of the entire list.

Components of Gen Ed (printable pdf).
  • 3 hours of First Year Seminar (1 class)

  • 6 hours of writing classes (1 taken in your first year and 1 taken in your second year)

  • 4 hours of Quantitative Literacy (or math)

  • 2 hours of Wellness Literacy or PE classes

  • 8 hours in a Science Inquiry area

  • 9 hours in the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) (3 classes)

  • 12 hours in the Liberal Studies Experience (LSE) (4 classes)

You will NOT take all the classes on the Gen Ed program of study!


That would be impossible! Gen Ed is 44 hours and is made up of about 15 classes. Each area has a bold title and you have choices of classes in each of those areas.

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