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Module 1:  Academic Basics 

Credit Hours & Classes

What is a credit hour?

Most classes are 3-4 credit hours, so you spend 3-4 hours in class each week either in-person or online.  In self-paced online courses, you will spend about 3 hours reviewing course content for a 3 credit hour course.  
To obtain a degree from Appalachian State, you will take a minimum of 120 credit hours. 
  For every hour of in class or online work, your faculty may be expecting you to study, read, or work on projects for 2-3 additional hours a week.  

Take 15-16 hours each semester to graduate in four years if you are a first-year student.   Transfer students should also consider taking 15-16 hours each semester in order to progress efficiently towards graduation.  
Note:  12 hours is considered full-time in fall or spring.  If you need to progress towards your degree taking less than 12 hours a semester, you should consult with your academic advisor.


How many hours do I take?
As a student at Appalachian State, you will earn credit hours by taking classes in:
  • General Education
  • your Major,
  • your Minor or Concentration (if required by your major),
  • and possible Electives.
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